The customer journey -Interest and Awareness

The process of the customer journey is one of the key aspects that businesses have focused on recently. Let’s dive even deeper into the first point of the journey and that is how to raise interest and awareness of the customer.

Less than 10% of the consumers stay in the funnel and go from ‘Awareness’ to ‘Action’. Whether you are advertising on LinkedIn or other social media it is important to find out what makes your customer “click”.

LinkedIn is a great source of making your customer aware of your company and product. Especially so, if you are in the B2B business model. However, only 2% of all LinkedIn users produce content.

As a brand, you need to actively engage in quality interactions with your potential or current customers. This means you need to consistently produce high-quality content on your profile, that also has an organic reach into your target audience.

Consistency in producing content a “posts” is crucial. Linkedin tends to promote profiles that are highly active and post 1+ posts every day.

“A consumer’s mental menu does not have a list with hundreds of options because it is mentally exhausting to make a decision with too many considerations. In fact, the list contains only about three to five brands that have been subconsciously curated through personal encounters, experiences and preferences. Brands who are able to be present in their consumers’ lives through social media, will likely be on their menu,” says Ryan Lim, business director of Blugrapes

The goal of raising awareness is therefore also to enter the subconscious level of your customer’s mind.

Many companies are mostly just announcing milestones or major changes on their profiles. Or worse, they don’t even do that. This is not how you reach the mentioned goal.

To make your customers aware of your company you need to put effort into it and this does not necessarily just mean, that you pay for the promotion of a post of some kind and that’s it. Actually, just paying for promotion without having high-quality content is a terrible idea.

Effort in content production means you learn from your mistakes, you are analyzing both your successes and failures and you don’t give up when things are not working out for you, just as in real life.

And then your brand is able to develop and establish content marketing strategies that are more effective as they constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of your consumers and also make your brand reach the subconscious level of your customer at the same time.

So what are the key factors to catch the attention of your target audience?

1 – post consistently

Ideally, you want to post once a day. I have seen guys posting 5 times a day. It was working they got viral super fast, but their goal wasn’t to sell. Their goal was to be viral. Too many posts that are not relevant or very low value or quality will get the reader annoyed and will most probably unfollow you. However, minimally you should post at least 3 times a week. If you post less than that, the chance of your target audience reading your posts is super low therefore, the effort will be wasted.

2 – share news that is relevant to your audience, not about you or your company. A lot of people are posting something that is very interesting to them and hoping the target audience will like it and then they are surprised if nobody is engaging with the posts, no likes, and very little views. Think about who are your connections, what are the positions, companies they are in, and what problems, goals, and interests these people in such companies have. If you are sharing everyday something about real estate and your connections are working in banks you will not have success. The best topics are industry news, reports, analyses, or reviews.

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