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Case study - Tapix by Dateio

Dateio is a fintech company based in Prague operating on 4 European markets.

Dateio has developed an API that is enriching Banking payment data with additional data like GPS of the store, Logo of the merchant, Accurate name, and a few other data fields. This API is called TapiX.

Tapix user base goes from biggest traditional banks over challenger and neobanks to small or soon to launch fintechs. Among TapiX clients can be counted Raiffeisen Bank, BUNQ, Twisto or Unicredit Bank

Main objectives

The goal was to expand internationally to new markets and eventually cover the whole Europe.

Our objective was to generate new meetings for sales representatives and build brand with marketing activities and all that over the Linkedin

109 meeting in 12 months


5 new signed clients

Average 9 meetings per month


As the target audience is mainly big corporates with a lot of employees and stakeholders and a long sales cycle (6-12 months), we needed to implement account-based marketing with a proactive outreach.

01 Reasearch of relevant companies, people and connecting with them 20-30 new connections a day

03 Warming up the leads with high quality content 3-5 posts a week

05 Setting up meetings

02 Creating a rapport by having a meaningful conversations

04 Reaching out to the traget audience with proposition of meeting via LinkedIn and cold email

Our results (12 months)

Inbound meetings


Outbound meetings


Banks internationally


Replies received


Response rate


Industry Social selling index

Top 1%

Meeting sales objectives

109 meeting in 12 months


5 new signed clients

Average 9 meetings per month

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