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Why should you care?

Imagine you are being approached by a stranger who wants to sell you something. Not the best feeling right?

Now, imagine being approached by the person whom you already know by reading good articles and posts he/she posted.

With whom you are more likely to have a meeting?

This is what sharing content does.

This is what can we do for you


We can create and post for your sales representatives and other company members’ profiles. That way your sales reps will gain social recognition and social proof, build a personal brand, have a better conversion rate when reaching out, and finally get more inbound meetings

2 Blog

We can create blog articles for your company blog that are focused on the return of investments. We take care of SEO, interesting topics, virality and always bear in mind your product to increase inbound leads.

Main objectives

The goal was to expand internationally to new markets and eventually cover the whole of Europe.

Our objective was to generate new meetings for sales representatives and build a brand with marketing activities and all that over the Linkedin

109 meeting in 12 months


47 inbound meetings

Via content

What we do

01 Linkedin post

03 Blog posts

05 Content strategy

07 And many more

02 Linkedin articles

04 Panel discussions

06 Interviews

Results of our client in 12 months

Number of posts


Monthly views

109 528

Most views on single post

79 124

Total views

1 010 512

Average views on post

4 307

Total likes

8 798

Total comments

1 184

Followers groth in %


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