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There are many information sources that try to cover all of the topic categories and provide their content to all sorts of an audience with the aim of maximizes the number of visitors. This causes the untargeted distribution of promotional material with very low ROI.

We took on the challenge to be a content provider of high-quality information with very targeted reach to a specific audience in Europe. Our main content areas are Neo/Challenger banking, Openbanking Startups, and Disruption.

Main objectives


All our content is shared via our LinkedIn company page but also our reporters. Our reporters are connected to relevant people from different sectors of the industry. This can be also adjusted to your needs.


Everly.eu is a cutting-edge financial technology online blog. We cover the latest trends and issues. We share daily news, articles, the weekly newsletter, video interviews, webinars, articles, etc.

What we do

We are the best at creating engaging content, that leads people to contact you.

01 LinkedIn marketing management

03 Interviews

05 Visibility and content strategy

02 PR articles

04 Webinars

Content results (12 months)

Number of posts


Monthly views

109 528

Top views on single post

79 124

Total views

1 010 512

Average views on post

4 307

Total likes

8 798

Total comments

1 184

Follower growth in %


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