Do you want to become a master at LinkedIn? We will teach you how to generate consistent leads for you and your business.

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Never run out of leads

What is this all about?

  • Get more inbound and outbound meetings
  • Push the deals forward in the pipeline without annoying email
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Build a personal and company brand
  • Be original and stand out
    … with LinkedIn

We will teach you how to improve your profile, get more meetings, and produce viral content.

Profile optimiziation module

Linkedin profile of sales representative, in fact, anyone who builds a personal brand in the business world is the most important. Without that any content or attempt to reach out to people will be very ineffective.

We will teach you:

  • Why is your profile important?
  • How to create an amazing banner
  • How to write an amazing text of the profile that converts leads into connections and meetings
  • What are the key parts of the profile
  • How to appeal to your target audience
  • What mindset to have when creating a profile
  • The ultimate LinkedIn profile formula

Main objectives

0 x
More inbound leads
200 %
Faster sales cycle
0 x
Number of meetings
0 %
Reply rate increase

Companies that trust us:

Main objectives

The goal was to expand internationally to new markets and eventually cover the whole Europe.

Our objective was to generate new meetings for sales representatives and build brand with marketing activities and all that over the Linkedin

109 meeting in 12 months


5 new signed clients

Average 9 meetings per month

Lead generation module

To passively rely on people finding you via google or linked in is not effective. The very effitient you need to reach out to them and set up your sales meetings with relevant people. We are here to help.

We will teach you:

    • Meeting generation funnel
    • How to find the right person fast
    • How to reach out to people via LinkedIn
      • Connect
      • Build rapport
      • Setting up meeting and follow-up
    • How to reach out with cold email

Content production module

  • Being well know in the industry brings you more inbounds leads and easier sales. People at the sales meetings already know you, trust you and see you as an authority and it helps to stay in touch with relevant people without annoying follow-up emails.

We will teach you:

  • Customer journey
  • Content conversion funnel
  • How to create content pillars
  • Where to get ideas for posts
  • The most converting post formats
  • How to create a media plan
  • The virality formula
  • How to structure your posts

Workshop Structure

We will teach you core basics and also our secret tactic of how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

01 Linkedin Basics - Profile optimization

03 Lead Generation - Getting in touch and setting up the meeting with the biggest conversion rate

05 Maintenance - How to run Lnkedin in long-term

02 Market Research - Finding the right company and people in it

04 Content production - Warm up leads and speed up the sales cycle

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